hi! thankq for creating this blog, i had so much fun reading it! if you dont mind me asking, were you shy when you just start doing photo shoots or commercials? and how do you over come it? when im in front of the camera i feel so awkward and shy and dont really know what im doing, and when people are watching i feel so uncomfortable, that im not pretty enough to do this or what so ever, do you ever feel that way?

Hi! I am kind of a shy person, depending on my surroundings. But for work it’s different. I always liked being on plays in school, organizing shootings and all so for me it was just exciting, but being focused and comfortable definitely takes time. I definitely felt awkward a gazillion of times, or woke up completely OFF many days, I still do. When you can sense so many eyes on you, it’s easy to get self-conscious, so the biggest thing is to be AWARE of yourself the whole time. Of your body, of your self and the space you’re at. Not so much on what people are thinking. I’ve been to castings where you have to cast in front of all the other models, and the times when I cared about their opinion or approval were the ones where my performance was the poorest. 
One way of overcoming it…I think breathing helps you calming down. Think of the space in your belly, place one hand over and breath in and out a few times. When you’re “at home”, you will feel more present, confident and relaxed!

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