An article: Rub and Press

Not your Hollywood newest trend (yet).


   I’m gonna step away from these 2010 stories a little bit now and start spelling the beans about interesting things I’ve learned while trying to figure my body out.

   I sat through several long airplane journeys this past month, slept late most probably everyday and partied a little too much. A quick visit to the back of my brain and say no more. I’m super ready to share a few DIY AT HOME techniques from eastern/western world that I believe are beautyfing, easy and effective for a desperate times good facial massage with a side benefit for your skin:

  1. Korugi
  2. Face Yoga
  3. Face Scraping
  4. Hands Reflexology

   Starting with Korugi (read more here):

   It’s a face shaping massage method from Korea, widely popular in Japan. Consists in applying pressure to the facial bones while massaging it, working on the symmetry and improving blood and lymphatic system. It helps skin regeneration by getting rid of toxins and of course, making your face look smaller and eyes bigger. (Asia’s beauty standards)(But without plastic surgery)

   This bone-therapy transforms a saggy, tired, bloated and dull complexion into a glowing, smoother skin, reducing eyes bags, dark spots, wrinkles, giving you sharper features and why not, probably also a super power of choice (I chose flying).

   If you’re struggling with puffiness, uneven expression, eye bags, sinking cheeks or simply your make up just doesn’t sit well on your skin, apply massaging cream or your favorite oil and try the following steps. Results are better when done multiple days or incorporated on your routine.

‘S GO!

Shaping. Use the inner part of your thumb, slide first on the higher part of your cheek, from under the corner of the eyes to front of the ear. Slide through your neckline and drain everything to your collarbones. Place your thumb on the central part of your cheek and repeat. Last one, on the lowest part of your cheek. Repeat the number 2 part 3 times. Switch to the other side. *Use pressure, but it shouldn’t be painful.


De-puffing: Do a peace sign. Fold your fingers.  Place them on the very beginning of the eyebrows like you wanna grab it. Now use the inner part of the two knuckles, specially the middle finger one, to slowly slide all the way across it. (Just realized it looks like I’m scrubbing it). Press the end of your eyebrows near the temple. Both sides 4x. 


Lifting: This one feels SO GOOD. Place your knuckles under the highest part of your cheekbones. It’s easier if you do both sides at the same time while resting your elbows on a table. Press it UP for 5 seconds x 2.


Brighten up: How are we doing so far? Hold your hands in a fist, place it the center of your forehead and move it upwards while pressing, from the center towards the hairline. Repeat from the opposite direction towards the middle of your forehead. Repeat 3-4x. Next, place your hands on the center again and do the same thing, but this time doing circular motions. Go and come back. Always pressure when you’re moving your hands up and not down for obvious gravitational reasons. Repeat 2 times.


   Okay, I’m done. These gifs are exhausting to make, as you can tell by the exponential drop in the quality from first one to last. But I really hope you enjoyed it and use these amazing Korugi techniques as soon as possible. On yourself, your mom, your best friend, your boyfriend or your pet.

I’ll be back with more Rub and Press. bye!

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