An Article: The gift of Yoga Gifs

You won’t need to buy new Lululemons for your face for this one.


   Hey amigos. After the positive feedback on the previous An Article post on Korugi massage, it’s time for me to write a few things on Face Yoga. It’s exaclty what you’re thinking it is, with the benefits you have in mind: toning up your complexion.

   Have you heard about a woman who didn’t smile her whole life because she was trying to avoid developing expression lines? Like human emotion lines? FOR REAL, WOMAN?! If she could only understand that the key to life is BALANCE.

   I don’t know if you know but now you know it, I’m turning 27 this year so unless I take active steps and take care of my expressions routinely, people will start thinking I’m 20 yo instead of 18 and that’s a little upsetting.

 I squint my eyes and frown my eyebrows almost all the time. It’s a bad habit and unless my mother is around to warn me, by making eye contact and spreading her eyes wide out, I keep on doing it 24/7.

  It’s a mixture between Cersei Lannister plotting her revenge to kill her daughter in law while holding a glass of wine + Clint Eastwood staring at his enemies + Daryl Dixon close up shots:


  Like this. But just way uglier and tired.

  I usually do it because I’m slowly becoming nearsighted, but there’s a number of other situations where I just can’t avoid it:

-When I’m confused

-When I dislike something

-When I didn’t hear what someone said

-When they repeat and I still didn’t get it

-When I’m eating food that tastes so delicious there’s no words to describe it

-Also when the food is really bad.

-When I’m trying to remember something

-When I’m listening to rap, trying to look tough

-When I’m trying to make someone feel uncomfortable after catching the staring at my butt bla bla bla etc etc.

  I bring you this new An Article post because luckily, there are a number of things you can do to keep your face toned up without having to reach for cosmetic procedures, expensive skin care products or any sort of desperation.

 Warning: you will look extra dumb while doing the following.


  I suggest practicing it while binge watching on TV series, specially on that moment when the episode is over and you see your reflexion on the screen and is kinda sad, while washing your dishes, taking care of personal chores, in the presence of a loved one, driving or walking around, while running on a treadmill or if you’re a free spirit human being I suggest also during peak hours in a crowded restaurant. It could be fun! I don’t know. Imagine?

  Let’s get stretchin’!

  The “Fish Face”: tone and firm your cheeks and lips. Try to smile while holding the fish face. You should feel a tension on your cheeks. Always hold for 4-5 seconds do it until you feel stupid:


The “I hope no one is looking at me”: it helps defining your jaw and getting rid of double/triple chins. Stick your tongue out and count 10 sec. Repeat 10-15 times. It’s even better if you tilt your head up and stick your tongue out for realskies. You could try also sticking your tongue out and moving it left/right/up/down:


  I don’t know if you realized by now, but the key to Face Yoga is to do use muscles and movements that we don’t usually do as a normal civilian going on with your day.

The “scrunch yo face”:”: It uses most of the muscles on your face so it helps brighten up your appearance, tired face and eyes. Scrunch your face as hard as you can, hold it for 2-3 secs then open your eyes and mouth wide out stretching it all, holding also for 2-3secs. Repeat 10 times. Another version you can try is to just keep saying “A-I-U-E-O” non stop. It keeps your face young and glowing.


 The “mouthwash”: This one helps with chubby cheeks, and toning the muscles around your mouth. It helps with fine lines around the area too. Blow air on your cheeks and pressure hold each position (left, right, upper lip, lower lip) for 10 sec then transfer it like you’re swishing mouthwash . Do it for 10-15x:


  It’s just so easy and I’m 100% sure you will find some benefits while doing these steps a couple of times a day. I also hope you are filled with joy and gratefulness with the gift of Yoga gifs I here presented you. 

NA’MASTAY pretty!

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