Hi Patricia, I was intrigued by your story as I too have recently suffered from the deep sore bumps and cystic-like acne that seemed to converge together into huge gross volcanic bumps…! Anyway, my doctor had suggested starting me on diane35. I’ve been on this prescription for a year now and just decided to stop using it as I didn’t want to have to take it forever. It’s been a few weeks and my condition seems to be getting worse again. How long did you use roaccutane? Do you still use it?

Hi Cris! Sorry I missed your question. I was also on Diane 35 for a very long time until a gynecologist told me to switch to Belara (german bc pill) because she thought the long term effects of Diane were not worth it (like melasma). After that, I stayed on Belara for 1 year +, until I stopped taking bc completely. Diana worked when I was getting my apparent PCOS under control, but after all symptoms disappeared I got off it and I’ve been completely fine for almost 2 years now. Like it never happened.
The only reason I used roacctuane was because even during birthcontrol or after reevaluating my whole diet/workout, I was still breaking out. So I used roaccutane 10mg combined with antibiotics for 3 months. Apparently is depends on your body type and your needs. I had no side effects other than slightly dry lips. I finished it I think 2-3 months ago and my skin has been amazing, even during pms. All I have to deal now is with my scars.

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