.Upgrade your skin to the newest version available.

  Tricks we can pull from our fridge.


   There was a show called 魔女たちの22時 (The witches’s 10pm)(I don’t know how to translate this) that aired from 2009 to 2011 in Japan and it was the peak of show biz itself. 


   Every week, the show told stories of students, housewives, single mothers, mature woman (and men) , people who reached rock bottom and managed to change something negative in their lives, income, appearance, shape, health etc using a creative way, usually DIY solutions at a very low cost. They would play the dramatic reenacting video first, talk about it, built the momentum and then bring the person to the studio for the before and after with dramatic catch phrase: …...カミングアウト! (Coming Out!).

   I got a looooooooot of great insights from the show, perhaps I can share more in other posts, but there were definitely some that made me raise my eyebrows. Like this thirty something lady who looked no older than a 15yo and was one of the celebrity guest on the show. She said her beauty secret is when you’re applying lotion to pat your skin 3x number of your age. It means if you’re 20 years old, you should pat it 60 times. If you’re 50, you better sit down.

   One story stuck with me particularly because I suffered from bad skin for so long, and I always kept eyes and ears out for new things. The story went like this:

   A 40 something woman took a part time job in a clothing shop, and quickly started to get harassed by her younger co-workers because of her skin. They called her ugly “Crater Woman” because of her bad skin and mostly due to her saggy and  enlarged pores. *PAUSE* SAY NO TO SCHOOL, WORKPLACE AND CYBERBULLYING.

   She grew so resentful of her appearance and the constant remarks of her skin, she started to spend all her salary in expensive skin care and cosmetics in order to cover up and treat her ageing skin. She spent around 7-8,000 USD/year with things that didn’t really help but just stalled her progress. Her dermatologist suggested a 100USD/session laser treatment, but again, she only had a part time job and at this point was already broke and desperate.

   This is when when her beautiful breakthrough started.

   She looked around for with things she had at home to replace the expensive products she couldn’t afford anymore. Her first item was:

  • EGG WHITE: beat 1 egg white and apply to a clean, washed face. When it dries out completely, rinse it off. Try not to laugh or move your face too much to prevent undesired wrinkles. This is an old timey trick. Egg white face mask is toning/brightening a full with albumin and aminoacids. The results were quick and improved the pores and texture of her skin, but she said after a few weeks doing it, there were no major improvements. So she switched to the next one:
  • YOGURT  + HONEY: 2 tablespoons of plain yogurt, 1 of honey. Mix well an leave it on for 10 mins. Rinse off. This is one of the nicest things you can do at home. Yogurt has a mild peeling. Vitamin A restores the skin and Vitamin B12 boots your collagen. Honey is also antibacterial and together they will leave your skin smooth and they will text you good night every night.

*Important: remember that every ingredient used needs to be of a good quality. No matter if you put it in your face or in your body.

   She realized when she alternated the treatments to 2 weeks each max, she would get the best of it. She added a final face mask trickstery:

  • GREEN TEA POWDER: 1 teaspoon of matcha powder. Add flour if you want to add consistency and less drippy. Mix it until you think the texture if fine enough to apply it on your face. Leave it for 15 mins. This one if full of antioxidants and restoring properties.

   After repeating these face masks on a 2 weeks each rotation, the woman got rid of her “Crater Woman” nickname and became a beauty reference for every woman who used to look down on her. Are you curious to see the final result on how she looked like?

….カミングアウト! (COMING OUT!)


   QUEEN BAE-chan! I wanna get to my 40s looking this fine.

    Also, great lesson to be learned. Never give up. Never let the haters get the best of you. Overcome the obstacles and rub it in the face of those who laughed at you. Buy a boat and go on a summer vacation in Croatia.

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