♀A word with m’ladies: synthetic hormones and us.

Also for my dudes with sisters, girlfriends, female acquaintances that you’re comfortable talking in a non-creepy way about the dangers of the pill.


   After I finished my Roacutanne treatment, my skin has been simply amazing. Of course, it’s solely because I cheated in order to get a clear skin back. But truthfully, it also feels like I’m driving in the dark with no headlights on. I used to get a pretty quick response from bad eating habits, lack of exercise or just a bad night of sleep in form of overnight pimple and blackheads. But now, nothing. Nada. Gluten, dairy, alcohol, sugar…you name it. Not a single response.

  This feeling is VERY familiar to me. It reminds me of my birth control pills days. (Remember my ex-PCOS case?)

  When a girl reaches a certain age, she most likely will get an appointment with a gynecologist and almost immediately be suggested to get on birth control pills, you know…to take care of herself (babybump). The whole thing is a no-brainer because your mother did it, your sisters, cousins and classmates are on it and every other woman in the world as well. We never really question what are we signing up to, as long as it helps us getting rid of that awful heavy period, bad skin, INSANE PMS, or just to even take back to back boxes of pills so you can skip your period and not having to miss one day of summer vacation.

   What we fail to see is that birth controls are not even close to a medicine that helps our body to heal and solve all unbalances. It’s not even a medicine to begin with. It’s a pill to mask our problems. They are nothing but synthetic hormones that mimics our natural hormones in the body.

   I started taking Yasmin when I was in high school just to see if it would help with my oily skin. I stopped when I moved to Japan, and then re-started with Diane for the “PCOS(?)” treatment. Years later, a doctor warned me about the long term effects of Diane, so I switched back the milder Yasmin and eventually to Belara on my own because it made me less crazy. My poor boyfriend :(. 

   Every month was a roller coaster of emotions. I was checking in #crazytown on a monthly basis. I was getting depressed, angry, unhappy and moody. At one point I thought I was bipolar or something. But I could tell it wasn’t the real me, but is so overwhelming not being in control anymore. How is that pill giving me freedom and independency when my whole life, health, relationships and work are getting jeopardised by it.

  Last month, I was navigating the World Wide Web when I stumbled across a book* called Sweetening the Pill – Or How We Got Hooked On Hormonal Birth Control by Holly Grigg-Spall*The book became a kickstart project from the filmmakers Ricki Lake and Abby Epstein and it was successfully funded earlier this month! The documentary production will begin in August.

Pretty pretty pretty pretty please🙏. It only takes 5 minutes to watch this trailer.


“As feminist, we know that is though to be critical of hormonal contraceptives when they’ve given us equality and freedom. But as documentary filmmakers, We want to be able to empower woman to be able to informed choices when it comes to their contraceptive.”

   What’s your experience on birth control pills? Have you ever had a bad experience, or are you completely satisfied with it? Do you agree with the documentary, about how we deserve better options?

   Two years ago, I was talking about PCOS and hormonal problems with my friend Karen To from San Francisco. She warned me about being on the pill while trying to find the root causes for my symptoms. She told me to look for a book called Woman Code where I would find my answers. 

Worth reading: http://www.floliving.com/quit-pill-without-getting-symptoms-back/#.VajjeJOqqko

   The book opened my eyes on so many subjects from endocrine system, adrenal fatigue, hair loss and energy struggles to synching menstrual cycles, and gave me the final push to get off the pills without fearing rebound, weight gain or simply spiralling out of control. I adjusted my diet first, followed the suggestions on the book and freed myself from #crazytown. It’s been amazing ever since and I plan to stay pill-free until the great big wig scientists of the world come up with something else humanly decent for us.

   “We believe that the birth control pill was one of the greatest inventions of the 20th century. But we think women deserve more and better options, not less of them. Hormonal birth control often dominates the conversation, but, like a hospital birth or cesarean, it’s not always the best choice for all.” – Holly Grigg-Spall

      Are we happy with the choices that are given to us? Let me know your thoughts!

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