Supermodel Cameron Russell and the gene pool lottery

“Young girls shouldn’t aspire to be models.” 

Awesome Ted Talk on the power of the image, race, shape, photoshop and the influence if has on young girls: unnatainable, unrealistic beauty standarts. “For the past few centuries we have defined beauty not just as health and youth and symmetry that we’re biologically programmed to admire, but also tall, slender figures, and femininity, and white skin.”

An Article: The gift of Yoga Gifs

You won’t need to buy new Lululemons for your face for this one.


   Hey amigos. After the positive feedback on the previous An Article post on Korugi massage, it’s time for me to write a few things on Face Yoga. It’s exaclty what you’re thinking it is, with the benefits you have in mind: toning up your complexion.

   Have you heard about a woman who didn’t smile her whole life because she was trying to avoid developing expression lines? Like human emotion lines? FOR REAL, WOMAN?! If she could only understand that the key to life is BALANCE.

   I don’t know if you know but now you know it, I’m turning 27 this year so unless I take active steps and take care of my expressions routinely, people will start thinking I’m 20 yo instead of 18 and that’s a little upsetting.

 I squint my eyes and frown my eyebrows almost all the time. It’s a bad habit and unless my mother is around to warn me, by making eye contact and spreading her eyes wide out, I keep on doing it 24/7.

  It’s a mixture between Cersei Lannister plotting her revenge to kill her daughter in law while holding a glass of wine + Clint Eastwood staring at his enemies + Daryl Dixon close up shots:


  Like this. But just way uglier and tired.

  I usually do it because I’m slowly becoming nearsighted, but there’s a number of other situations where I just can’t avoid it:

-When I’m confused

-When I dislike something

-When I didn’t hear what someone said

-When they repeat and I still didn’t get it

-When I’m eating food that tastes so delicious there’s no words to describe it

-Also when the food is really bad.

-When I’m trying to remember something

-When I’m listening to rap, trying to look tough

-When I’m trying to make someone feel uncomfortable after catching the staring at my butt bla bla bla etc etc.

  I bring you this new An Article post because luckily, there are a number of things you can do to keep your face toned up without having to reach for cosmetic procedures, expensive skin care products or any sort of desperation.

 Warning: you will look extra dumb while doing the following.


  I suggest practicing it while binge watching on TV series, specially on that moment when the episode is over and you see your reflexion on the screen and is kinda sad, while washing your dishes, taking care of personal chores, in the presence of a loved one, driving or walking around, while running on a treadmill or if you’re a free spirit human being I suggest also during peak hours in a crowded restaurant. It could be fun! I don’t know. Imagine?

  Let’s get stretchin’!

  The “Fish Face”: tone and firm your cheeks and lips. Try to smile while holding the fish face. You should feel a tension on your cheeks. Always hold for 4-5 seconds do it until you feel stupid:


The “I hope no one is looking at me”: it helps defining your jaw and getting rid of double/triple chins. Stick your tongue out and count 10 sec. Repeat 10-15 times. It’s even better if you tilt your head up and stick your tongue out for realskies. You could try also sticking your tongue out and moving it left/right/up/down:


  I don’t know if you realized by now, but the key to Face Yoga is to do use muscles and movements that we don’t usually do as a normal civilian going on with your day.

The “scrunch yo face”:”: It uses most of the muscles on your face so it helps brighten up your appearance, tired face and eyes. Scrunch your face as hard as you can, hold it for 2-3 secs then open your eyes and mouth wide out stretching it all, holding also for 2-3secs. Repeat 10 times. Another version you can try is to just keep saying “A-I-U-E-O” non stop. It keeps your face young and glowing.


 The “mouthwash”: This one helps with chubby cheeks, and toning the muscles around your mouth. It helps with fine lines around the area too. Blow air on your cheeks and pressure hold each position (left, right, upper lip, lower lip) for 10 sec then transfer it like you’re swishing mouthwash . Do it for 10-15x:


  It’s just so easy and I’m 100% sure you will find some benefits while doing these steps a couple of times a day. I also hope you are filled with joy and gratefulness with the gift of Yoga gifs I here presented you. 

NA’MASTAY pretty!

FINAL Chapter 6 : The big purge. 8 months in Purgatory

   Haro friends. It’s been a while.

   It’s time to finally catch up on some more recent stories. Are you ready for more drama? Can I get a hell yeah? woop woop**


**please don’t feel bad or sorry for me. I wanna show you how life is great but sometimes not exactly a bed of roses, and awful things comes to those who deserve it (JUST KIDDING, I am JUST KIDDING).

   So, after my adventures in Taipei and this, I relocated to Bangkok, Thailand, at the end of the year to keep working as a model but focusing more on acting/TV Commercials jobs. Bangkok is a thriving media/film production hub and it’s also fun. It was calling me back.

   Following my PCOS (link) diagnosis, I stayed on birth control pills for years and learned how to coexist with it. That was until one of my visits to a doctor in Bangkok took me by surprise. After a check up she asked me multiple times how I was diagnosed exactly, and asked for all details about it because apparently there was ZERO trace of PCOS on my body, and it seemed like I have never had suffered from it. NADA. Nopety nothing. So after consulting her, I decided to go off BC (glad I did)(<-link)

   I dived into nutrition, exercise and what not. I’m always very curious and god bless for existing, everything is one research away. I read a number of different health approaches, articles, books(Woman’s code, Leaking Gut, Paleo, Gluten-free, Dairy-free, Ovolacto), natural products, natural skin care, supplements, detoxing, superfoods, alkaline body. PHEW! There’s more. Organic eating, alternative medicine (Reiki, Acupuncture), mega-informative podcasts (Joe Rogan, Dave Asprey’s Bulletproof Diet, some other paleo stuff), learned how to fast and learned about Ketosis. I was on the Bulletproof Diet lifestyle for quite a while, and even mentioned it on some of my Instagram posts. But due to the high fat content with butter stuff, I would always break out.

   In fact, I never stopped breaking out even after being on birth control pills. My skin was always alright but never AWESOME. I quit dairy for the longest I can remember because I thought that was it, and it wasn’t. My diet was so clean, I was active, I was healthy, making smart choices, but sometimes out of nowhere…boom. I could count how many weeks/months out of a whole year I had a good skin. It was exhausting and frustrating, specially while having to work WITH your face.


(photo: a week before the story below)

   2014. Last year in July, I was coming back from my last photoshoot in town before going back to Japan. I remeber in the morning my skin being fine, but half way through the shooting I noticed it wasn’t smooth anymore. After a long time being fine. Could it be allergy? I was intrigued.


I started documenting it.

  • September in Brazil:

   It was only getting worse. I thought changing environment would help. Nope. During August in Japan, I met a highly spiritual person/healer who worked with herbs and gave me a whole bunch of tree barks, dried leaves, flowers to brew and drink each thing 5 times a day. He was magical and he smelled like sandalwood. He told me I was already cured. 

   I finished the 1 month supply of tea in Brazil, but nothing changed. I wasn’t feeling like visiting my friends or showing up at my moms restaurant. I just wanted to stay home and play with the dogs. I visited some other place in my hometown and they told me I had to detox my blood. More teas. I also visited a gynecologist for exams and definitely no PCOS or hormonal imbalances.

  • end of September -October in LA:

   I arrived in LA. My friends were in shock. WHAT THE HELL was going on? Everyone told me to stay in the States for a bit just to deal with this and not worry about anything else. From different group of friends, they were all so wonderful and loving, commited to help (inlcuding myself), but nothing was working. I tried products from Dr. Murad and visited the spa. I was told it was a no brainer. I visted one of those Beverly Hills dermatologists who promised me the gates of heaven, but for a salty price of xxxxUSD. Nope. Nope. Nope. Still not working. I got really depressed around this time.

   I once had a mini-emotional breakdown when I was in OC spending time with my friend Caren. It’s hard when you’ve been battling for so long and each glance in the mirror reminds you that everything looks absolutely out of control.


   But I wasn’t going to give up. My name is Patricia! Which acording to means “beautiful, tall, smart, brunnete that likes to party. Usually friends with a blonde.” 

   Anyway. I switched from antibiotics to Traditional Chinese Medicine. It was a fantastic doctor who helped healing a serious condition of a friend of mine and have been taking care of her whole family ever since. His wise wrinkly face told me I had too much heat on my stomach and lungs, and that my pressure was too low. He gave me a list of do’s and dont’s (no cold food, ice cream, spices, certain meats). I took expensive Uber trips every week to see him from West Hollywood all the way to Alhambra.

  • November-December in LA:

   I was so happy to be treated in the most natural, holistic way, being a huge fan of chinese medicine myself. But it was almost too much to handle. It was too slow recovery for my liking. I couldn’t recognize myself anymore.

   Some days were pathetic.

   Some others, it was ok:

  • January in LA:

January in Arizona:


   It was time to leave. 

   I grabbed what was left from my chinese medicine bags and went back to Bangkok. But as soon as I got back, I realized I couldn’t afford spending any more time trying to get myself out of this misery. I ran some blood tests, hormonal levels, and checked to see if I was still ok and I was.

   So I pondered over what I thought it was right or wrong, wrote on a paper and spit on it. 

   I took a drastic decision which I have been avoiding since my teenage days. I went on an 3 months 10mg ROACCUTANE treatment + twice a day antibiotics.



   Luckily for me the only side effect I had was extremely dry lips, and not being able to drink alcohol beverages.


   Today, I can eat anything I want, use any brand/products on my face without breaking out almost simultaneously. Matter of fact, I haven’t broken out since I finished the treatment. It’s amazing!


   GOOD THINGS DO HAPPEN TO GOOD PEOPLE. Not the other way around.

   This is the story of how I miraculously cured my PCOS, food sensitivities, expelled life long demons and finally started to live like a real WOMAN, not a slave of my appearance. Send me questions.

snapchat: patty_nk

ig: pattynk


Chapter 5-6 violence interlude. Breaking point

   I just wanna share this small story before I move on to chapter 6 so you understand a little more about what kind of person I am. Sweet, funny, caring and temperamental.

   After what happened in Taipei, I did very well and worked non stop. 


At the end of 2010, I moved to China for a short term contract but returned to Taiwan afterwards and kept working a bunch.

   Modelling in Taipei it’s hard. The market likes innocent, perfect, shy and cute girls. But I’m a bit goofy and boyish, so I did my best to please everyone, even if it’s pretending to be something I’m not. 


  I take my job very seriously, and if anything, I am my own worst enemy. I am VERY self-critical, and when something is not good or perfect, trust me, I’ll be the first one to notice it.

   After breaking out immensely, getting endless scars and being so vulnerable, I got used in being apologetic all the time, accepting that I deserved every single criticism bomb thrown at me, while trying to be professional and hard working at the same time. It was something beyond the humble aspect, just a constant “Yes, I understand”,”It’s fine, don’t worry about me”, “I’m sorry”, “I’m so sorry”, “Is this good enough for you?”, “My fault”.

   Non stop working. End of April, 2011.

   I had a clothing catalogue job, shooting for 2 days with 2 other taiwanese models. I remember it was for party dresses. Everything was shiny and sparkly and tight and short. I had a super curled up hair situation (old school selfie photo attached below) and was ready to work. Before every shooting, they get all measurements head-to-toe from the agency, so I assumed everything was cool.


   This wardrobe lady came to where I was getting my make up done, and asked me to try the shoes on. I always do my best to please everyone, be it a Tv commercial shooting/print ad, if I don’t have to walk a lot/jump/dance, I WILL suck up the pain and wear your wrong sized shoes. 

   But she brought me something 3 sizes smaller. I couldn’t even fit in it. After trying, I told her I was sorry and I couldn’t wear it. The shooting was for dresses anyways so shouldn’t be a big deal.

  But she got fffffffffffffffurious.

  She left. Then came back again fuming, asking me to try another one on the same size, as if my feet shrunk on that small interval. Again, I said I couldn’t because it was just too small. Her face got red. She told me to try AGAIN. 

   And that’s when she threw the shoes in my direction.


   We held a staring contest. I said I wasn’t going to wear it, and I had my own shoes if she needed. There was tension in the air. I was so done being treated like a undeserving low life (calm down Paty). I shot whatever I was supposed to on that first day but before it was a full day of work my agency called me and told me I could leave.

   I went to the agency straight from the studio, and was told to sit and wait. After a while my agent told me I didn’t need to go back for the second day. She said clients were happy but she received complaints from the wardrobe lady, who called in to say I was very rude, disrespectful, unprofessional etc etc etc.

  And that’s when, I believe, I had my first nervous breakdown.

   That’s it. I’ve had enough. I snapped. I got so mad my mind went blank. If you knew my agent from Taipei, you would know she’s the craziest agent out there. No one talks back to her, everyone is afraid of her. But on that day, she got scared of me.

  -Naomi, calm dow..


   I went through something the modern society youngsters would call a few years later “0 to 100 real quick”. I felt exhausted, I felt out of control, out of my mind, my face was raging, my heart was racing, I was shaking, I felt like I was going to explode. All the bookers stopped working to see me go nuts. “Fun day at the office! Now this is something you don’t see every day!” they must have thought. 

  Why did the lady lie and said I was misbehaving? They canceled me because she had made a mistake and she was throwing that on me??

  I was eventually told to go to the back room to regain my composure. I walked in the room and started going absolutely crazy. I recall punching the couch, yelling and holding my fists close to my face, throwing the pillows around. At some point my agent walked in, lit up a cigarette by the window, waited for the right timing and told me I might have been working too much and needed to take a break.

  I bought a ticket to Japan and left for a few weeks. On the first week, I stayed at my uncle’s because he works everyday and I didn’t wanted to see anyone for that period. So for 7 days I didn’t see NOBODY. I didn’t talk to a fellow human for 7 days. It felt weird and dark, but it also felt great. I needed to reset. I also didn’t brush my hair or looked myself in the mirror for 7 days which is none of your business.

  I reevaluated my life and decided I needed to be true to myself if I wanted to be happy, and pleasing everyone was not the way to do it.

  I went back to Taipei and set the wardrobe lady’s house on fire.



Hey ! Patty ! I’ve been following you on socials for awhile:) if you don’t mine i would like i ask you (cuz i want to know LOL) how can you stay fit and what do you like to eat ? Cuz i’m pretty heavy T_T ! Thanks for reading ,xoxo

Hi! Everyone has a different body type and that’s fine. You just need to figure out what show results and stick to it. Genetically I’m on the thin side, but my parents also have blood pressure/cholesterol problems so I know I also can’t take an advantage on it and go crazy on a bad diet.  I do believe 80% is diet(what you eat, nutrients, healthy habits) and 20% exercise. I used to be on a very strict diet called Bulletproof diet, but nowadays I just eat a little bit of everything. Right now my favorite food is anything home cooked. It’s healthier, it’s made with love, it’s fun.
For exercise, not everything works for everyone. Some people run, do cardio, swim. You should check “Kayla Itsines” workout guide, she is on IG. In her words:  “HIIT(High Intensity Interval Training) and this is a GREAT way to boost your body’s fat burning ability. Not everyone has time to go for an hour walk multiple times a week, which is optimal for weight loss. Performing a 15 minute HIIT session can actually burn more fat than going for an hour walk. How? HIIT produces an ‘after-burn’ effect, similar to what your body experiences after resistance training PLUS you save yourself some time! An example of a HIIT workout is sprinting as fast as you can for 30 seconds, followed by a 30 second rest, and repeating for 10-15 minutes. This type of training gets your heart rate up fast and it burns more fat in less time than any other workout.”
Hope it helps a little. Leave me your name next time!!

An article: Rub and Press

Not your Hollywood newest trend (yet).


   I’m gonna step away from these 2010 stories a little bit now and start spelling the beans about interesting things I’ve learned while trying to figure my body out.

   I sat through several long airplane journeys this past month, slept late most probably everyday and partied a little too much. A quick visit to the back of my brain and say no more. I’m super ready to share a few DIY AT HOME techniques from eastern/western world that I believe are beautyfing, easy and effective for a desperate times good facial massage with a side benefit for your skin:

  1. Korugi
  2. Face Yoga
  3. Face Scraping
  4. Hands Reflexology

   Starting with Korugi (read more here):

   It’s a face shaping massage method from Korea, widely popular in Japan. Consists in applying pressure to the facial bones while massaging it, working on the symmetry and improving blood and lymphatic system. It helps skin regeneration by getting rid of toxins and of course, making your face look smaller and eyes bigger. (Asia’s beauty standards)(But without plastic surgery)

   This bone-therapy transforms a saggy, tired, bloated and dull complexion into a glowing, smoother skin, reducing eyes bags, dark spots, wrinkles, giving you sharper features and why not, probably also a super power of choice (I chose flying).

   If you’re struggling with puffiness, uneven expression, eye bags, sinking cheeks or simply your make up just doesn’t sit well on your skin, apply massaging cream or your favorite oil and try the following steps. Results are better when done multiple days or incorporated on your routine.

‘S GO!

Shaping. Use the inner part of your thumb, slide first on the higher part of your cheek, from under the corner of the eyes to front of the ear. Slide through your neckline and drain everything to your collarbones. Place your thumb on the central part of your cheek and repeat. Last one, on the lowest part of your cheek. Repeat the number 2 part 3 times. Switch to the other side. *Use pressure, but it shouldn’t be painful.


De-puffing: Do a peace sign. Fold your fingers.  Place them on the very beginning of the eyebrows like you wanna grab it. Now use the inner part of the two knuckles, specially the middle finger one, to slowly slide all the way across it. (Just realized it looks like I’m scrubbing it). Press the end of your eyebrows near the temple. Both sides 4x. 


Lifting: This one feels SO GOOD. Place your knuckles under the highest part of your cheekbones. It’s easier if you do both sides at the same time while resting your elbows on a table. Press it UP for 5 seconds x 2.


Brighten up: How are we doing so far? Hold your hands in a fist, place it the center of your forehead and move it upwards while pressing, from the center towards the hairline. Repeat from the opposite direction towards the middle of your forehead. Repeat 3-4x. Next, place your hands on the center again and do the same thing, but this time doing circular motions. Go and come back. Always pressure when you’re moving your hands up and not down for obvious gravitational reasons. Repeat 2 times.


   Okay, I’m done. These gifs are exhausting to make, as you can tell by the exponential drop in the quality from first one to last. But I really hope you enjoyed it and use these amazing Korugi techniques as soon as possible. On yourself, your mom, your best friend, your boyfriend or your pet.

I’ll be back with more Rub and Press. bye!